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We curate modern talent for future-facing brands.

Misfit Talent is both a partner for companies who understand the immense value of perfectly deployed talent, and for hybrid candidates as they look forward in their careers. 


Modern talent is hybrid, dynamic, and constantly evolving--bringing an unquenchable thirst for varied experiences and diverse knowledge. As such they are attracted to companies who recognize and unlock their full potential. Misfit Talent is designed to pair those companies with these uniquely talented individuals.


We know creating an ideal pairing is not about casting the widest net, but designing the right one. Therefore, we work with clients to design leadership roles that can deliver upon their company vision and attract the high-performance, multi-talented individuals who will help get them there.


While we work across a wide range of industries and place talent in dozens of disciplines, we tend to most frequently engage with roles in management, technology, innovation, strategy, creative direction, experience, and design. Recent client highlights include BMW, Chanel, Glossier, Gimlet Media, fuseproject, Assembly, Unilever, United Technologies, Droga5, R/GA, Redscout and The New York Times.

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