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Q: Why are you called Misfit Talent?

A: Our name is a reference to hybrid talent -- those individuals with meaningful experience in multiple disciplines. As they perform beyond the confines of conventional job titles thanks to their diversity of skills, they inevitably stand out. Many of them pride themselves on being misfits, even as they remain fiercely loyal to the companies that empower their unique abilities. 

Q: Why do you have so many logos?

A: As a company working with such dynamic candidates, we felt it appropriate to craft a brand identity that evolves, yet still consistently conveys our role as a platform for hybrid talent. Misfit's mission remains the same, but the talent is always unique.

Q: What levels of jobs does Misfit place?


A: As an executive talent firm, we focus on senior roles that shape and influence the direction of a company.


Q: Can your team work from our office?

A: In a retained approach, we sometimes deploy resources to serve as an embedded part of your team to train, establish best practices, advise on talent needs, guide job definition & responsibilities, etc.

Q: What is “hybrid” talent?

A: People who have meaningful experience and/or expertise in multiple disciplines and can bring exponential value to an organization as a result.


Q: Where are you located?

A: We’re based in Brooklyn, New York but work with clients all over the world, often embedding teams with clients wherever needed.

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